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TRYstars Commencing Nov 2017

Ringwood Triathlon Club in partnership with Aquanation is running the TRYstars program specifically designed for primary school aged children wanting to experience the sport of Triathlon

The first session is being conducted on January 31st between 5and 6pm at Aquanation – Cnr Reilly St and Greenwood Ave, Ringwood.

This first session will introduce the program and get the participants active and having fun.  Each child will be given a training manual in which they’ll be able to keep a track of their training throughout the program.

The training sessions will run each Wednesday afternoon from January 31st to March 7th – Wednesdays 5 -6pm at Aquanation – Cnr Reilly St and Greenwood Ave, Ringwood.

The TRYstars Triathlon takes place on Sunday the 11th of March at St Kilda Beach (Catani Gardens)

For more information and registration details contact Tim Brewster on 0407824185


Lachlan Green – Hawaiian Ironman

Here’s Lachlan’s account of his race in this years Worlds Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Ironman World Championships

Swim:  55:08 minutes

Start position was 10m off the pier. The famous canon goes off, I went absolute max for 400m until the carnage reduced. Got into a good rhythm and waited for the quicker guys to pass, which happened, I hoped on some feet until the turn around & the same thing happened on the return trip to bring me back to T2. You know your moving when your on a blokes hip and nearly on your limit.

Bike: 5:15 minutes.  Out of T1 with 4 others who struggled find their pedals after hoping on the bike gave me space to take the first couple of corners stress free. @timballintine came past me past Target and vice versa going down Kaukini Hwy. I cruised Palani, staying seated, conscious of the impact it would have blowing up here at 600w. Unfortunately before the airport I discovered a flat rear tyre, picking out a huge piece of glass I though my race was finished, quickly filling the tyre with Pitstop only to leave a slow leak- it almost worked, I yelled out to the course Marshall for the Mech Support & I got going slowly just waiting for the tyre to open up again. This is where my mood swung around significantly, @dan_evans_sc was bike course mechanic and my guardian angel for the day. Stoping me down the road to give me a spare wheel, to get me going again, changing my punctured tyre over and putting the race wheel back in all topped off with a push off I felt like I was in the Tour De France. He screamed at me not to panic but I definitely overbiked for the next 40k’s thinking I was Rohan Dennis to make up time.   Due to a nice headwind & the flat, I got to Hawi 10mins later than planned, grabbed special needs to top up the nutrition & was determined to make up ground back down.  The temperature peaked at 40degrees as we turned back onto the Queen K, I could feel my hands burning and the fatigue was present but not crippling. Past Waikoloa we scored another head wind, you beauty.  Finally passing the airport and the finish (off the bike) in sight it was relieving.

Run: 3:48 minutes.  I had a plan to run very consistently throughout the marathon with minimal drop off later in the run. The plan was simple, just had to execute. I ticked off the first 11k’s feeling quite comfortable. Which came to a sudden halt after Magic Sands beach when the heat, humidity, sun and ride all caught up with me. I walked the next aid station slowly and pushed on after this one, aid station to aid station I told myself, which lasted to Palani.  Out on the Queen K it’s lonely, crowds are minimal and it’s where the race is won or lost at the pointy end. I walked/ ran the last 21k’s, flicking words of encouragement to mates who I saw battling. I got to the top of Palani, let the legs go, inflicted 6mins more minutes of pain on myself, high 5’d Em and Mum and crossed the finish line in 10hrs06mins.

Although not the ideal race, it was significantly harder than last year, the wind and heat was at times unbearable.  The mettle of athletes is pushed beyond imaginable limits when racing Kona. It’s an incredibly peaceful, relaxing and beautiful place for a holiday but also a brutal, sadistic island which exposes every one of your weakness should you decide to race on it and that’s why we do it. To find out what we are made of.